Magnetics, the largest division of Spang & Co. has been a leading world supplier of precision, high permeability magnetic components and materials to the electronics industry since 1949. We specialize in research, design, and production of a broad range of high-quality magnetic cores for applications such as chokes, inductors, filters, transformers, and power supply components for end use in telecommunications, aerospace, military, computer, medical, and other electronics systems.
Johanson Dielectrics Inc.
Johanson Dielectrics Inc. has over 30 years experience supplying high quality ceramic chip capacitors to customers around the world. Our business philosophy is simple: Grow profitably by totally satisfying our customers' requirements for high quality, technologically advanced ceramic electronic components.
WIMA Group is specialised in three global business areas: Plastic film capacitors, Paper capacitors, Supercapacitors. Major customer groups are in automotive, consumer and industrial electronics and the lighting industry. Among others there are well-known and demanding customers like Bosch and Siemens with supply of worldwide facilities.
Advanced Ceramic X Corp.
Advanced Ceramic X Corp. (ACX) manufactures multilayer devices in Low-Temperature Cofired Ceramics (LTCC) for applications in wireless communication. Our commitment is to meet your goals through extensive technological innovation, excellent quality, short lead time and high volume production capability.
RedRing Solder
RedRing Solder has been supplying and servicing the electronics industry since 1979. RedRing's state-of-the-art technology and 45,000 square foot manufacturing facility located north of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia produce an extensive line of high-purity Tin and Solder products which includes bar, wire, powder, paste, ingot, anodes, and preforms.
Tecate Group is a global company with more than 40 years experience supplying capacitors and electronic assemblies to our valued customers. We understand our customers' need for quality products, customized logistics, and fast turnaround. Over the years, Tecate has built its business and reputation by exceeding our customers' expectations for service, quality, and price.
Johanson Technology Inc.
Johanson Technology Inc. can provide you with standard or custom technology solutions tailored to your specific needs. JTI specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality ceramic components for RF/Wireless and Microwave applications. Our modern ISO 9001-certified design and manufacturing facility is located in Camarillo, California.
Johanson Manufacturing Corp
Johanson Manufacturing Corp. is a world-class supplier of trimmer capacitors and microwave tuning elements. Johanson offers a wide variety of variable capacitors for RF and microwave applications. Giga-Trim?capacitors are miniature capacitors designed for high resolution tuning of RF power circuits.
AMIC is an international semiconductor company offering a complete product family of industry-leading RF integrated circuits that facilitate operation of low-power wireless devices, meeting the industry's most stringent requirements for low cost, high integration and flexibility. We work with standard based solutions such as PHS, GPS and Data Comm. as well as proprietary solutions.
RF Integrated Corporation
RF Integrated Corporation (RFIC), founded in 2000 in Irvine, U.S.A., is a company who pioneers in proprietary RF ICs design and manufacturing for wireless communication applications such as WLANs, cellular, PCS mobile handsets and base stations. In March, 2001, RFIC completed its fundraising and launched the product development in RF IC designs. In the same year, RFIC's Asia-Pacific operation site with a well-equipped R&D center was also established in Taiwan.
Hexawave, Inc.
Hexawave, Inc. was established in 1991 with the goal of serving the rapidly growing wireless communication industry. The company is dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and marketing a wide range of GaAs based RF products. Headquartered in Hsinchu Science-Based industrial Park, the high-tech center of Taiwan, Hexawave has a 35,000 square ft. facility, which includes a class 100 GaAs wafer fab line, assembly and testing facility.
Delta Group is the world's largest provider of switching power supplies and a major source for power management solutions, components, visual displays, industrial automation, networking products, and renewable energy solutions. Established in 1971, Delta Group has sales offices worldwide and manufacturing plants in Taiwan, Thailand, China, Mexico and Europe.
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